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You're amazing. I love this account <3



if you went on a date tonight…

juno-magic replied to your post: Please always feel free to request GIF…

If you should feel inspired to create any gif set for invisible!fic I would be most squeeful!

I’m so behind on my fic reading! Did you post a scene of them at the beach? Or was that someone else? (I’m sorry- My mind’s all jumbled atm!) If that *was* it, I may have obtained a video of Colby Keller and a rather Quinto-looking fellow that would work very, very nicely as some filler GIFs ;)

'DANGER' (kind of) requested by nostalgia-in-starlight

[And thanks to zhivchikthewalkingdriz, &

zhivchik replied to your post: Does there happen to be a Photoshop GI…

In the animation window (when it’s in Frame Animation mode) select frames 25-50, go to the layer with the text you want to hide and turn off the visibility.

Wow, that was way too simple an answer! THANK YOU! Seriously, I was going layer-by-layer reducing the opacity to 0% and wanting to shoot myself in the face.

Does there happen to be a Photoshop GIF expert out there who could answer a quick question for me?

I want to put text on two separate portions of a GIF (there are 50 frames, and I want one piece of text on frames 1-25 ONLY, and a second piece of text on frames 26-50 ONLY). I know how to add the second portion of text from 26 onwards, but do not know how to make the first portion of text visible ONLY on frames 1-25.


If someone would reply, message, email (wordplayasforeplay@gmail.com) I would be so grateful! THANK YOU!

talk about agony…



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jouissants, your fucking tags are so on point and meta, I am scared of YOU. EXCITED *AND* SCARED.

This film may kill me.